Support UXD Meetup (thank you + a sticker)

Support UXD Meetup (thank you + a sticker)


This is a way to say thank you and support our events. You also get a sticker for it. You probably already have a sticker, but you can get another one. Sticker is not the point.

We will spend your money wisely: making professional videos of the future talks available on YouTube, live-streaming the events, buying snacks for our guests. Let’s make UX Meetup a lot better!

Currently, we do not provide delivery. You just go to one of our events in Hong Kong and pick up your sticker. You meet people and get meaningful conversations in the process. This is what it is all about, after all.

Why $158? The cost of the sticker is ~8HKD. $150, according to our comprehensive research, is how much people are willing to spend when they support a good regular free event done by volunteers.

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