From a Future poster (the original)

From a Future poster (the original)


With this purchase, you are getting a unique artifact: the very first draft of the From a Future poster. It was done in a rush on iPad Pro 10.5” by Ilya Belikin on the 7th of October in Hong Kong, Tung Chung, on top of the amazing artwork by Inward. It is a way to support From a Future conference in Hong Kong before everyone else realized how big of a deal it is.

It is time to build a better today working backwards form a better future. We will use your money wisely to make shit happen: buy the Inward original artwork for the event venue.

You will receive a printed version of your poster signed by all the organizers and speakers at the 13 of January 2020 in Hong Kong at the grand opening of From a Future Conference.

Or you might receive it in your mail instead if you wish.

Why HK$889? Putting together a conference cost a lot of money. We hope that the sponsors will cover most of it, but we have to get some cash to make things going. The original artwork costs HK$2’584, so we need to sell three to get even. And another ten will help us with some initial expenses.

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