From a Future

The versions of the future in popular culture are bleak. It often looks like a gloomy, always raining, version of Hong Kong with staggering inequality and humanities in decline; or like a lifeless post-apocalyptic deserted instead of our beautiful yet green and blue planet.

To increase odds of a better future for everyone we are inviting you to imagine it. How does a positive, inclusive, exciting future look like? Not a simplistic and naive, but a serious, believable, compelling, good future. What is the vision worth working hard for?

If we learn anything leading teams to build innovative products, is that you have to have the vision to deliver an outcome. We have to have a vision for the future if we want to have a good one.

A lot happened at the intersection of Design and Tech in the last few decades. We got connected, we got social, we got addicted to and confused by our new tools. Big ideas from Xerox Park, Stanford Institute, MIT developed in the 60s shaped what we called tech today. What is next?

What will be the mother of all demos 50 years from now?

This introduction was written in the summer of 2019; the world did change. There is no “the” future. There is always a possibility, and there is hope. And hope is a tool for a designer and a futurist.



January 2020, the beginning of the decade. Before the Chinese New Year.


In the heart of Hong Kong, the city from a future, of course.


We have a dream roaster of outstanding speakers we would like to talk future with:

  • Erika Hall. Design strategist and consultant. Author of Just Enough Research (2nd Edition out now!). Co-founder of Mule Design.

  • Regina Larko. Founder, Host, Producer at #impact podcast.

  • Brian Roemmele. VoiceFirst.Expert. “we can only see what we think is possible…“

  • Monika Bielskyte. 7y digital nomad. Futures researcher/futurist designer. Working on moving our popular imagination from dystopia to protopia. This Planet is beautiful.

  • Priya Parker. The author of The Art of Gathering.

  • David Goldsmith. Project Moon Hut Foundation.

  • Antoine RJ Wright. Particular lineage of innovators; drawing on the outside of a box some refuse to get out of; overflow/alchemy at Avance.

  • Paul Bennett. Chief Creative Officer at IDEO.


We plan the main track with a few featured talks that will be live-streamed and extensive QnAs: we believe that the genuine conversation is the primary feature of our gathering. We will dedicate as much time to monologs as we do to dialogs.

We considering anti-conference style parallel tracks and break-out workshops on Design Thinking, Futurism, Rapid Prototyping, etc.

Please reach out if you would like to speak, host, facilitate, sponsor, or make our participants feel welcomed and safe.

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It is time to build a better today working backwards form a better future. We will use your money wisely to make shit happen: buy the Inward original artwork for the event venue.

You will receive a printed version of your poster signed by all the organizers and speakers at the 13 of January 2020 in Hong Kong at the grand opening of From a Future Conference.

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Why HK$889? Putting together a conference cost a lot of money. We hope that the sponsors will cover most of it, but we have to get some cash to make things going. The original artwork costs HK$2’584, so we need to sell three to get even. And another ten will help us with some initial expenses.

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